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I enjoyed the opportunity to practice speaking with a native teacher. The lessons were custom-tailored for me and their content was suitable for the beginner level at which I operate at the moment: the lessons covered introductions, daily routine, hobbies and interests. The teacher was very attentive to my pronunciation and insisted on repetition until I improved which was very valuable.




MandarinX’s business Chinese courses really helped me as I prepared to expand my professional network and opportunities in China. I have so much more confidence now in speaking Mandarin in business meetings and this has developed a newfound trust between me and my international partners. I recommend MandarinX 100% for anyone looking to increase their Mandarin skills!




My tutor was was excellent in listening and tailoring the lessons to suit my particular needs. She is friendly, conscientious and extremely fun to learn from. Highly recommended. Thanks!


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  • 12 week intensive program including 12 sessions (1 hour each) of 1-on-1 tutoring and homework assignments
  • 5 essential characteristics of Mandarin
  • Tones, pinyin, grammar, characters, and basic structures
  • Essential and practical communication skills
  • Build your confidence to communicate effectively with colleagues, clients, and friends
  • Deep insight into Chinese culture
  • A solid start toward mastering Mandarin for business



  • 12 week intensive program including 12 sessions (1 hour each) of 1-on-1 tutoring and homework assignments
  • Practical Mandarin that is useful in 18+ scenarios
  • Proper business Mandarin
  • Business grammar and dialogue
  • Mandarin for finding business partners, networking, negotiating and contract signing
  • Mandarin for business dinners and maintaining business relationships
  • Greater insight into Chinese business culture

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  • 12 week intensive program including 12 sessions (1 hour each) of 1-on-1 tutoring and homework assignments
  • Meet with a tutor live over a video chat based on your schedule
  • Go through an assessment of your Mandarin skills so that the tutoring is truly personalized
  • Learn Mandarin customized to your needs
  • Work with a trained tutor
  • Get first hand experience of what MandarinX is like
  • Learn through speaking, listening, reading and homework assignments